Pilot Episode - Rosalinda

Rosalinda is GMA's new telenovela based on the popular Mexican telenovela of the same name, under the direction of Maryo J. delos Reyes. Carla Abellana plays the title role, together with Geoff Eigenmann as Fernando Jose.

Changes from the original:

* Florentino, the old man of the owner of Flower Shop business was replaced by a named Florencio, a gay this series.
* Beto is now the third younger brother of Rosalinda and Lucy in this series. In the original version, Beto is the eldest brother.
* Lucy (the youngest sister) is now the pre-teenage girl of this series. In the original version, Lucy is mature girl and also she married Anibal (Fedra's ex-boyfriend).
* Fedra is now eldest sister of Rosalinda in this series (revealed to be half-siblings). In the original version, Fedra is an ambitious cousin of Rosalinda.
* Gerardo is the owner of his restaurant and best friend of Fernando Jose in the original. In this series, Gerardo becomes an assistant and still a best friend of Fernando Jose.
* Evangelina is the new character in this series in which she doesn't mentioned in the original version.

Cast and Characters:

Main cast
* Carla Abellana as Rosalinda Perez / Paloma
* Geoff Eigenmann as Fernando Jose Altamirano
* Katrina Halili as Fedra Perez
* Roderick Paulate as Florencio
* Sheryl Cruz as Valeria del Castillo Altamirano
* Ariel Rivera as Alfredo del Castillo
* Glydel Mercado as Soledad Romero
* Gary Estrada as Javier Perez
* Jessa Zaragosa as Evangelina Kintanar
* Yul Servo as Roberto
* Sherilyn Reyes as Dulce
* Ryza Cenon as Abril del Castillo
* Mike Tan as Rico
* Mart Escudero as Beto Perez
* Sheena Halili as Becky
* Marco Alcaraz as Anibal Pacheco
* Marky Lopez as Julio
* Carlene Aguilar as Rodora
* Ayen Munji-Laurel as Berta Alvarez
* Gian Magdangal as Gerardo de Navarette
* Krystal Reyes as Lucy Perez

Guest cast
* Jennifer Sevilla as Dolores Perez
* Carlos Morales as Jose Fernando Altamirano
* Chelsea Eugenio as Young Rosalinda
* Cheska Salcedo as Young Fedra
* Jacob Rica as Young Fernando Jose

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